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Lesson 22. № 3. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите с описанием, плиз!

Can you remember the place where you lived last summer? If so.
describe it.


    Помнишь ли ты то место, где ты жил прошлым летом? Если да,
то опиши его.
Last summer my uncle and I went to the seaside. We stayed in a lovely
place called Sochy. We lived at rather a large hotel on the fifth floor in a
double room. I don’t remember the details, but I’ll try to describe it. Our
room was rather small. But it was very comfortable, quiet and clean. There
was a big window opposite the door in the room. There were very beautiful curtains on the window. The walls were yellow and grey. There were
bright pictures of animals on the walls. There wasn’t much furniture in our
room. There was a big wardrobe m the comer of the room by the door.
There were two beds. The beds stood in a row. The beds were near the
window. There was a table between the beds and the wardrobe. There was
a lamp on the table. There was a colour TV on the right. We didn’t have a
cooker. We ate downstairs on the ground floor.
The bathroom was small. There was a navy blue carpet in the bathroom.
There was a mirror and a sink, too. The mirror and the sink were opposite
 the door Of course, there was a shower there. There was cold and hot running water in the bathroom
If you look through the window, you’ll have a wonderful view The Black
Sea was not far from the hotel. In fact, it was just in front of the hotel, so
the view was lovely. There was a very beautiful park behind the hotel. I
had a very good time in Sochy last year Next summer I’m going there with
all my family.

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