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Lesson 22. № 2. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите перефразировать

Read the sentences and react using: a) I am sure b) I am afraid not ... .
a)           — Will he come tomorrow?
—    I am sure he will. He wants to talk to you.
b)           — Nina is eight, isn’t she?
—     I am afraid not. She is 10.
1.      He lives in a quiet place, doesn’t he?
2.      There is a fireplace in the corner of his sitting room.
3.      They’ve got a new black car.
4.      There is a beautiful garden opposite their house.
5.      In my kitchen the cooker is next to the sink.
6.      There is a standard lamp near the sofa.


  Прочитай предложения и отвечай, начиная с: а) Я уверен, что... b)   Я боюсь, что...
1)    I’m sure he does. He lives in the country. He lives far from Moscow.
It is very quiet there.
2)    I’m afraid there isn’t. There is a big wardrobe in the comer of the sit-
3)    Fm afraid they haven’t. As I remember, they bought a white car last
4)    I’m afraid there isn’t. There is a zoo opposite their house.
5)    I’m sure it is there.
6)    I’m afraid there isn’t. There is no lamp near the sofa, there is a bookcase.

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