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Lesson 17. № 8. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите описать картинку

Look at the picture again (Exercise 6) and describe it.


   Посмотри на картинку снова (упражнение 6) и опиши ее.
In the picture we can see a big and beautiful house. It is white, pink, blue
and brown. There is a clean and beautiful yard in front of it. Flowers grow
in the yard in front of the house. The flowers are wonderful. They are blue
and white. There is green grass in the yard. I think there are many ants in
the grass. There is a tree in the yard, too. It is very big, green and brown. I
think there are many grasshoppers on the leaves in the tree. There are
many big trees behind the house. We can see a boy behind the tree. He is
in the yard. He is on the grass. He is in front of the house. The boy is play-
ing hide-and-seek at the moment. The girls are near the flowers. They are
near the dog. One girl is wearing a pink and navy blue blouse, a blue skirt
and shoes. She has blond hair. The other girl is wearing a blouse, too. Her
blouse is white, yellow and green. She is wearing a skirt, too. Her skirt is
longer than the first girl’s. Her hair is red. They are playing with the dog at
the moment. They like to play with the dog. The children are in front of
the house. There are funny brown cats near the tree. They are before the
tree. The cats are in the yard. The white small nice funny dog is near the
girls. The animals are in front of the house.

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