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Lesson 15. № 11. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите составить диалог про расписание.

Think of your own timetable, make up a dialogue about it and act
it out with a partner.


  Составьте свое собственное расписание, составьте диалог, ис-
пользуйте его и проиграйте его с кем-нибудь по ролям.
Fred and Polly meet on the first of September.
-      Hello, Polly. Glad to see you at school for the first time after summer
-      Glad to meet you too, Fred. By the way, do you know anything about
our new timetable?
-      Oh, yes, I do. Well, it’s different from the timetable we had last year.
-      How many subjects are there on our timetable?
-      We have ten subjects on our timetable now.
-      What about Maths and English? Will be there any extra lessons? It
won’t be easy, will it?
-      Our teacher said that Maths and English are very important this year. We
have Maths five times a week. We have Maths twice a day on Tuesday, by
the way. I think it will be difficult for me. You know, my Maths is very
poor. I think I’ll spend all my weekends on Maths. We have English three
times a week.
-      And when will our lessons be over?
-      Our school will be usually over at half past one, but we will have six les-
sons once a week, so once a week we will go home at two twenty.

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