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Lesson 14. № 15. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите рассказать про школу

Say what you’ve learnt about English primary schools from the text
(Exercise 13).


 Скажи, что ты узнал о начальной школе в Англии из текста 13.
I’ve learnt many interesting facts about English primary schools from the
text. In Great Britain school begins at the age of five. Many pupils leave
school at the age of sixteen.
The school year begins in September, but not always on the first of Sep-
tember. School never begins on Monday. School usually begins on the
first Tuesday of September. Children going to the first class don’t have
any bags, books, exercise books, pencils, pens, rulers and rubbers.
Classes usually begin at nine. Pupils have a glass of milk or a glass of or-
ange juice at eleven. At half past twelve or at one o’clock they usually
have meat, pudding, juice and an apple or a cake for their lunch. Their
classes are not formal. English pupils often sit on the carpet or on the floor
and listen to their teacher. They draw or play games. They often look at
the animals at school - hamsters, rabbits, hares, fish and birds.
Teachers often read fairytales and stories to them or sometimes they tell
them something interesting. English children often play outdoors.

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