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Измените окончание 3D № 8 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

In pairs, take the roles of
Pip and the convict and act out
their dialogue in the graveyard.
Change the ending.


Acting out a dialogue
•      Explain the task and allocate roles.
•      Encourage Ss to imitate Pip's and the convict's
way of speaking.
•      Ss prepare and practise their dialogues in pairs.
•       Invite a few pairs to perform their dialogues in
front of the class.
Answer Key
Convict: Hold your noise! Keep still, you little
devil, or I’ll cut your throat!
Pip: Oh! Don’t cut my throat, sir! Please don’t
do it, sir!


Convict: Tell us your name! Quick!
Pip: Pip, sir.
Convict: Once more. Speak up!
Pip: Pip, sir.
Convict: Show us where you live. Pint out the
Pip: I only have this little piece of bread, sir.
Convict: You young, dog. What fat cheeks you
ha’got. I could eat ‘em - and I’ve half a mind to.
Pip: Please don’t hurt me, sir.
Convict: Now lookee here! Where’s your mother?
Pip: There, sir. Also Georgiana. That’s my mother.
Convict: Oh! And is that your father alongside
your mother?
Pip: Yes, sir. Him too, late of this parish.
Convict: Ha! Who d’ye live with? Supposin’ I
kindly let you live, which I han’t made up my
mind about?
Pip: My sister, sir. Mrs Joe Gargery - wife of
Joe Gargery, the blacksmith, sir.
Convict: Blacksmith, eh? Now, lookee here -
the question being whether I let you live. You
know what a file is?
Pip: No, sir.
Convict: And you know what wittles is?
Convict: Do you want to live, boy?
Pip: Please don’t hurt me! I’ll help you. Follow
me to our house, sir, and you can take what you
need and then be on your way.

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