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Используйте 3C № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Use appropriate infinitive/-ing forms to tell a partner something:
• you regret
• you’d like
• you’re looking forward to
• you can’t stand
• you avoid
• you’ve always wanted
• you’re used to
• you’ve stopped
 regret being unkind to my little brother yesterday.
in teams, take turns to add a sentence to the story, using the verbs below.
•       decide • look forward to • can’t wait • try
•       forget • be afraid • stop • remember • see
•       be happy
Team AS1: Last summer, my friend and I decided to
go on holiday together.
Team BS1: We were really...


Personalising the use of the infinitive/-ing forms
•      Read out the rubric and the example sentence
to Ss.
•    In pairs Ss tell each other about their
experiences using the language provided.
Suggested Answer Key
I’d like to travel around the world.
I’m looking forward to playing tennis this
I can’t stand working during summer holidays.
I try to avoid spending too much money.
I’ve always wanted to be better at cooking.
I’m used to getting good marks in tests.
I’ve stopped expecting life to be easy, etc
Practising the infinitive/-ing form
•      Read out the rubric and divide the class into
•     Teams take it in turns to add to the story as in
the example.

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Можно ввести 4000 cимволов
Нажимая кнопку «отправить», вы принимаете условия  пользовательского соглашения
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