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Используйте 2B № 7 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Use the language in the table to act out short
exchanges for the following situations.
•   You found out that your best friend is lying to you and you’re
•   Your friends are trying to make you miss lessons from school but
you don’t want to.
•   You didn’t do well in your exams and you have problems with
your friends.


Expressing negative feelings/sympathising/encouraging
•     Ask Ss to focus on the language box on p.31.
•      Read through together and explain any new
•      Explain the task and read through the situations.
•      In pairs, Ss complete the task.
•      Encourage Ss to use each prompt and allow
each other to play both roles.
•     Monitor progress around the class, providing
any necessary assistance.
•     Allow each pair to perform one exchange each
for the class.
Suggested Answer Key
A: I can’t stand it any more.
B: What’s wrong?
A: I have just found out that Suzie has been lying
to me. I thought she was my best friend.
B: I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sure
everything will be all right. You should
speak to her - ask her why she didn’t tell
you the truth.
A: You’re right, I should.
A: Are you alright? You look a bit worried.
B: Well, I could be better. You see, Lucy and
Hannah want me to go shopping with them
this afternoon and miss Art class. I want to
go with them but I know I shouldn’t.
A: I know what you mean. It’s difficult to do
what your friends want you to do sometimes.
I think you should do what you think is right
for you.
B: Thanks for listening. I know you’re right.
A: Nothing’s going right in my life right now.
B: What’s up?
A: I got really poor marks in all my exams and
I’ve fallen out with nearly all of my friends.
B: Cheer up! Things can’t be all that bad! I’m
sure you’ll do better next time. As for your
friends, I’m sure everything will be all
right soon. etc

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