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Хело! Помогите с диалогом, плиз! Модуль (Module) 1b № 7. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина.

a) Read the dialogue and complete the sentences 1-5.
Lucy: Oh, no, I can’t believe it! What am I going
to do now?
Jane: Lucy, what’s the matter?
Lucy: I’ve just killed a poor little spider - look!
Jane: Oh, dear! Try not to worry too much. It
was an accident, after all.
Lucy: That’s not the point!
Jane: What do you mean?
Lucy: Well, killing a spider is bad luck! Didn’t
you know that?
Jane: Oh, no! Now you’ll never pass your exams
or win that school writing competition
you entered!
Lucy: It’s not funny, Jane! I’m really worried
about it.
Jane: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make fun of
you, but REALLY, Jane! Killing a spider is
bad luck? You don’t really believe that, do
Lucy: Yes, I’m quite superstitious, you know. I
never go anywhere without my lucky
Jane: Well, I think superstitions are all a load of
rubbish. I walk under ladders all the time
and nothing bad ever happens ... hey, is
that your mobile phone ringing?
Lucy: Oh, yeah ... oh, it’s Mrs Smith, the English
teacher! Maybe I did win the competition!
Jane: You see! Forget the spider! Quick, answer
it. Perhaps it’s your lucky day, after all!
1      Lucy is worried because...............
2      Lucy believes it’s bad luck to................
3      Jane doesn’t believe.................
4       Lucy gets a phone call from.................
5       Lucy has taken part in.................
b) List the superstitions mentioned in the dialogue. Do they bring good or bad luck?
c) In pairs read out the dialogue. Give it a title.


а) Прочитайте диалог и дополните пред­ ложения 1-5.
1)   she has killed a spider;
2)    kill a spider;
3)    in superstitions;
4)    Mrs Smith, her English teacher;
5)    a school (writing) competition.
b) Перечислите суеверия, упоминающиеся в тексте. Они к удаче или к неудаче?
killing a spider — bad luck;
keeping a lucky charm — good luck;
walking under ladders — bad luck;
c) В парах прочитайте диалог. Дайте ему название.
A Spider.

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