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Хело! Помогите написать сочинение. Lesson 16. № 11. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина.

Compose and write a story about your school life.


   Сочини и напиши рассказ о своей школьной жизни.
We have ten subjects on our timetable now. Our teacher said to us that
Maths and English are very important this year. We have Maths five times
a week. We have Maths twice a day on Wednesday, by the way, I think it
will be difficult for me. You know, my Maths is very poor. I spend all my
weekends on Maths. We have English three times a week. Our school will
be usually over at half past one, but we will have six lessons once a week,
so once a week we leave school for home at two twenty.
I have lunch at half past eleven. I usually have hot tea and a piece of tasty
cake for lunch. We often go to different museums and other famous and
interesting places. We don’t wear uniforms. Our teacher always reads us
many interesting books. Sometimes our teacher reads us wonderful fairy-
tales. I don’t wear a uniform. In Russia school usually begins at the age of
seven. Sometimes it begins at the age of six. Many boys and girls usually
leave school at the age of sixteen.
In my country the school year usually begins on the first of September.
We never start our school on Saturday or on Sunday. If the first of Sep-
tember is a day of the weekend, the school year can begin on the second or
on the third of September. It often rains in autumn so the weather is some-
times bad on the first of September. Classes don’t start on the first of Sep-
tember, but pupils usually bring their schoolbags, pens, pencils, rubbers,
rulers, books and exercise books to school on the first of September.
Classes usually begin at half past eight. We sometimes play outdoors and
meet our friends before we go to school. In classes we always sit at the
desks, not on the floor. We learn many interesting things at school.
I learn how to count, read, draw, sing, how to keep the streets clean and
many other interesting things. Our classrooms are very big and clean.
Children sometimes have P.E lessons outdoors in autumn and in spring
when it is warm, and in winter when they ski a lot.
Well, I have got some problems at school, but not many. I have got some
problems with Maths. My last answer on Monday was poor. I can count
very well, but I can’t learn all the rules by heart yet. I’m also not very
good at Music. It is very difficult to learn many songs by heart. I can’t
draw well, so I have problems with Art.
My longest day at school is Tuesday. We have Maths, Russian, Arts, Ge-
ography, Handicraft, P.E. and Music this day. Sometimes I think «Lessons
will never be over».

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